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Welcome to the next generation of soil salinity AiTools !​

This is a calculator to predict the ECe, SARe and soil salinity class Just In One Click! using information generated by a soil science research team from the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Campus. 


The predictor variables of the Ai model are:

  • X_Long: length

  • Y_Lat: latitude

  • Depth: soil sampling depth (1- 0-30 cm, 2- 30-60 cm, 3- 60-90 cm, 4- 90-120 cm)

  • EC_15: electrical conductivity of soil:water solution at 1:5 ratio

  • pH_15: pH of soil:water solution at 1:5 ratio

  • ECe: electrical conductivity of the soil saturated paste

  • SARe: sodium adsorption ratio of the soil saturated paste

  • Soil Salinity Class: based on the classification guide by United State Soil Salinity Laboratory (USSL, 1954).

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