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Website about Soils

🌱 Educating about Soil Sciences
🤎 Agriculture • Research • Communication


Agropost was founded by this woman, 

Beverly Alvarez Torres (@Soil.Science.Lady),

a Puerto Rican soil scientist who emigrated to the northern United States to pursue doctoral studies at the University of North Dakota. Within the laboratory, her research interests focus on the chemistry and reclamation of soils affected by salinity. In the field, her focus is scientific communication to promote soils and

their role in nature. 



Agropost was born in the living room of a house in Guánica, Puerto Rico, after the passage of Hurricane María in 2017. Months without electricity and drinking water services gave neighbors and friends the opportunity to have great conversations about agricultural issues . Between laughter and questions, they discovered the need to access  educational resources to learn about the soil, a non-renewable natural resource where 95% of the food is grown directly or indirectly (FAO, 2015).  


Our mission is to provide a space to learn about soils and their role in nature. Education, love, and respect are the values that forge the foundations of this platform dedicated to promoting soil sciences, research, and scientific communication. Agropost 's commitment is with and for the soil as a gesture of gratitude and love for everything they give us every day. 



Our vision for this project is to become a scientific research communication laboratory focused on soil sciences. Agropost wishes to become a space where the community has the resources to learn, explore, and experiment with the soils of natural, agricultural, and urban ecosystems. 

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